DIY Bunny Treat: The Wee Watermelon Tree

This has to be one of the simplest, most versatile, and fun DIY bunny treat recipes that we’ve ever created! Plus, it’s right on time for Christmas! If you ever thought to yourself, as we all have, ‘I wish my fuzzy overlord could have a Christmas Tree of his very own to devour’, boy, do we ever have the answer for you!

A rabbit treat made from a watermelon
The Wee Watermelon Tree

As always, it’s important to understand that this is a treat. And as such, it has a little more calories and sugar than pellets and hay. That being said, what’s amazing about this recipe of ours, is that it’s 100% customizable to your bunny’s size, to the occasion, and to your onesie wearing meister’s tastes!

Watermelon Treat for Rabbits

So, let us start with the basics! You’ll need two ingredients. A small watermelon, and some fresh herbs. You can use any stemmed herb for this recipe, for our recipe we chose cilantro.

Step 1: Size matters!

We made this treat for a Harlequin Lop that weighs 10lbs. It turned out huge, but the size is due mostly to the cilantro, which is healthy.

The secret awesome aspect of this recipe is the base of the bush. The sugary part of the watermelon, of course, is the sweet red stuff in the middle, which we try to minimize, the rind and white parts contain little sugar, and the rind is actually the best part of the watermelon for your bunny to eat, so that’s what we try to maximize.

By only using the bottom quarter (or less) of the watermelon for the base, we’re providing our fuzzy companions with some of the sweet red stuff, but the bottom is comprised mostly of the white fleshy part (which is almost 100% water), and the rind (fiber galore). You can use a little less for your bunny if they’re smaller.

So, first, find something with a round opening on which you can rest the watermelon. The bit that’s inside your container will become the base of the treat, so find something that covers about ¼ (or less) of your small watermelon. The perfect thing in our house ended up being the jug with which we water our plants.

Watermelon Treat for Rabbits

Step 2: Cut the top

Not much, just enough to make a nice flat surface with which to work.

Watermelon Treat for Rabbits

Step 3: Trim the sides

Watermelon Treat for Rabbits

Start by using the container as a guide for cutting down to the same spot each time.

Then, take your watermelon from the container, find where the lines end, and cut sideways.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is the tricky part. Watermelon is really easy to cut, so go slowly, you don’t want to cut the middle part!

Cut all four sides to end up with the middle like this.

Watermelon Rabbit Treat

However, that’s still too much watermelon for our little munchers, so we need to trim some of that down! Let’s remove about a centimetre from the corners. Like this:

Watermelon Treat for Rabbits

Ah, that’s better! As you can see, we’ve removed most of the sugary part, and although it might look like there’s still a lot left, if you do the math, the ‘volume’ of red stuff that’s in the base is about 1/16th of the original watermelon.

Part 3: Stab the core and the base with fresh herbs

Watermelon Treat for Rabbits

I used fresh cilantro (coriander) because it was on special at the supermarket, and my little onesie wearing buddy just loves it to bits! Some of the stems were a little long, so they needed to be cut, and as you can see in the picture, I used some of the cut stems in an ‘X’ shape to help support some of the longer branches.

You can use mint, rosemary, basil, dill, oregano, sage, parsley (but, go easy on parsley, it’s high in calcium), or any combination of these that you like!

The Finished Product

Watermelon Tree Treat for Rabbits

Last Notes:

I say finished product, but in reality, it’s only the beginning! This is where you get to exercise your imagination! If you have one of those carrot peelers, go ahead and peel some long strips and make them into garlands! You can also use some green, yellow, and red pepper slices (not the spicy ones, of course!) and use those as garlands or ribbons! You can add a few slices of banana at the base. You can put a strawberry on the top! The possibilities are endless!

If you have more than one furry overlord living with you, this will make both of them really happy as they can enjoy the treat together, socially, and bunnies love doing that! As a bonus, it’s just terribly entertaining to watch.

Also, this will keep in the fridge for over 24 hours, just remember to mist some water over it once in a while to keep everything from drying out. It took Harlequin 2 days to go through the whole thing!

That’s it for this one! Enjoy! If you make this, post it and tag it with #weewatermelontree so we can find it! We’ll post some of the most original creations in a future article!

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